Terms of Use United Academics

On this website, United Academics offers you the possibility to create your personal profile, share articles and participate in discussions and other group activities. These services are tied to the following conditions. Read these carefully in order to recognize your rights and obligations.

Registration and account

In order to use our services, you must register first. Upon registration, you will have to fill out your information completely and truthfully. The use of a pseudonym is allowed only in exceptional cases, after specific approval given by United Academics.


After registration you can log into your account with your chosen username and password. Your password is strictly confidential. United Academics assumes that everything which is done through your account, is your responsibility. If you suspect that your password is known to someone else, or your account is being abused in any other way, please inform United Academics as soon as possible.


The personal data associated with your account are processed in accordance with the privacy policy of United Academics. You always have the right to request the removal or the correction of this data. In some cases this may mean that your account has to be removed. Consult United Academics’ privacy policy for more information.


Contributions to the website
Via your profile page, the discussion pages and other channels, United Academics offers you the possibility to post text, images or other contributions. You are responsible for selecting your own contributions. However, you receive no compensation for your contributions, unless otherwise indicated. You grant United Academics a license to use your contributions in all channels that United Academics offers, as well as through other forms of publishing used by United Academics. If possible, United Academics will always credit you as the author of your contributions.

Contributions to the website

Your contributions should not conflict with Dutch law, the general rules of decency and good taste or the usual rules of conduct in the academic world. In particular, this includes contributions that


  • contain pyramid schemes, chain letters, commercial, charitable or philanthropic messages;
  • are libelous, defamatory, threatening, obscene, pornographic, discriminatory or hateful;
  • infringe on the rights of third parties, such as copyrights, trademark rights and image rights, or contain plagiarism
  • contain malicious content (such as viruses or spyware) or links
  • create a disproportionate burden on the systems of United Academics


Should United Academics have a reasonable suspicion that your contribution is in conflict with the above, then United Academics reserves the right to unilaterally remove the contribution or block access to it. United Academics is not obligated to consult you in such cases.


You indemnify United Academics of all claims of third parties based on the assumption that your contributions are in any other way against the law. In case a third party files a complaint that, according to United Academics, is well founded, United Academics is allowed to provide the plaintiff with your contact information if her or she wishes to involve the courts in connection with the complaint. United Academics will always consult you in this case.


Certain channels may require additional rules or restrictions, with which you should also comply. These rules will be explicitly stated within those channels. If what is stated in this agreement and the additional rules or restrictions are conflicting, the latter shall prevail.


United Academics offers a discussion forum in which various groups can discuss topics of their choosing. United Academics may appoint moderators who are responsible for the proper conduct of the discussions in the various groups. You must follow the instructions from the moderators, if they do not conflict with this agreement or any additional forum rules.


Decisions of the moderators are final, unless the board of United Academics decides otherwise. However, it is up to United Academics to decide if and when a complaint about a moderator’s decision is dealt with.


You can use the discussion forum to send private messages to other participants. United Academics will not read private messages, unless (a) it receives complaints and handling them requires reading the messages, (b) reading the messages is necessary for the proper functioning of the forum, (c) it is legally obligated to read the messages.

Publication of articles

United Academics offers a distribution channel through which you can distribute your academic articles to the general public.


By submitting an article, you declare to own the copyright or have permission from the owner to publish the article and you state that United Academics may submit this publication as specified in this Agreement.
When submitting an article, you must choose a license under which your article will be offered. United Academics strongly encourages the use of Creative Commons Licenses. When choosing a Creative Commons license you will receive no compensation from United Academics for the distribution of your article. If you choose a different license, United Academics will contact you for further agreements before publishing the article.


United Academics will include your articles in their web shop, which means they become publicly available. If you have published your article under a Creative Commons license, United Academics will digitally distribute it for free, but may request a reasonable fee for its distribution on paper.


You may revoke an article at any time. United Academics will then remove the article from its web shop as soon as possible. Already distributed copies cannot and do not have to be removed or retrieved by the recipient(s). Furthermore, licenses granted to recipients will not be affected by repeal of the article by United Academics.

Availability of the Website and Services

United Academics is committed to keeping the website of United Academics, the online services, and available channels, in proper working order, however it does does not guarantee continuous availability.


United Academics can temporarily shutdown the website or parts of it for maintenance, adjustment or improvement. United Academics endeavors to have such downtime as much as possible taking place outside office hours and will promptly notify you when that happens.


Furthermore, United Academics can change the functionality of the services and channels from time to time. In addition, your feedback and suggestions are welcome, but United Academics will decide which changes might or might not be adopted.

No liability exists for damage caused by unavailability of the website or its services and channels, or due to unavailability or adaptation.


Limited liability

United Academics is only liable for a breach in the performance of the contract and only for compensatory damages, ie compensation for the value of the omitted performance. Any liability of United Academics for any other form of damage is excluded.


In case of force majeure, United Academics shall never be obliged to compensate the resulting damage to you. Force majeure would include any failure or malfunction of the Internet, telecommunications infrastructure, power failures, civil unrest, mobilization, war, traffic jams, strikes, lockouts, business interruptions, supply, fire and flood.

Duration and termination

This agreement is entered into at the time that your account is activated and runs indefinitely. You may terminate this agreement at any time by deactivating your account via the control panel or via a request to United Academics. United Academics may terminate the agreement if you violate these terms or if the website or related services can no longer be provided.


In case of cancellation or termination of the agreement, for whatever reason, United Academics is entitled to delete all of your contributions within your account and to render your account inaccessible immediately after the date of termination. In that case, United Academics is not obligated to provide a copy of your contributions. United Academics is also entitled to leave certain contributions when it sees reason to do so, for example when a removal of these contribution makes a certain discussion incomprehensible. In these cases, however, United Academics will depersonalize your contributions as much as possible, for example by replacing your name with the word "Guest".

Changes to conditions

United Academics may modify or supplement these conditions if it sees reason to do so. In this case, United Academics will announce the changes or additions on the website at least thirty days before entry, so you can take note of it. If you do not wish to accept a change or addition, you can terminate the agreement until the effective date. Use of the website after the effective date is considered acceptance of the amended or supplemented conditions.

Other Provisions

This agreement is governed by Dutch law.
If any provision of these terms appears to be void, this will not affect the validity of the entire general conditions. In this case, the parties will replace (a) new provision(s) which will be shaped, as much as possible, to the intent of the original provision. Any agreements with, commitments to or requests for United Academics that deviate from these conditions are only binding if they are confirmed by United Academics in writing or per e-mail.